Trick: 5 columns to a row in Oxigeno theme / Bold builder

When using the visual builder in Oxigeno theme there are 4 and 6 columns per row available, for example. But not 5.

So when you have for example 5 core values your company represents and you want to highlight them on your homepage each one in a column in a row you need a workaround.

How to get 5 columns to a row in Oxigeno theme / Bold builder?

  1. Click on the Add / select layout button in the row menu to start setting the row layout
    Add / select layout button in Bold builder
  2. Manually enter the row layout value to the box (as this is a custom layout not visible in the clickable options)
    Bold builder row custom layout

    The value to enter is:


    This means dividing the row to 6 equal parts.

    Click Submit. Now the row is generated with 6 columns.

  3. Now what’s left is to hide the last column. For this click on the edit icon at the top of the last row and in the settings panel click on “Responsive”. Then select every device to hide this column on every device.
    Hide column on some devices in bold themes editor

    Click Submit. Save your page/post.

  4. Go and see your page. You should have 5 equal columns instead of 6.

Post Author: Tom Pai