Tip: Hide Add to Cart button/function without plugins easily in WooCommerce

Remove Add to Cart functionality from WooCommerce easily
Remove Add to Cart functionality from WooCommerce easily

2019 update: the solution below doesn’t work anymore. See for an updated solution here: how to turn WooCommerce to catalog mode.


There are several plugins available that will let you turn your WooCommerce site to a catalog site or catalog mode site, which means only products with descriptions, images and prices, but no ordering functionality.

They may all be very cool but when it comes to developing a WordPress site, less is more. In long term it is not advisable to install a plugin to do every single small task and turning your WooCommerce into a just catalog doesn’t require a plugin, but can be achieved by adding just a line of code.

Do not attempt this fix if you do not have access to your site’s file structure (FTP, cPanel, webftp etc). Even a small editing mistake in your active theme’s functions.php can make your site unusable and after that the only way to fix errors in functions.php may be via directly editing it. 

How to remove Add to Cart button from WordPress + WooCommerce site:

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Editor
  2. On the right hand side find the functions.php file – ideally this would be of a child theme because you are going to edit this – click on it
  3. Inside the editor window hit Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C (select all and copy)
  4. Open Notepad in your computer, then paste the contents of functions.php into the Notepad file and save for backup (this step is mandatory).
  5. Now back at the editor, add this code to the end of the file and then hit Update file button
// remove add to cart button
add_filter( 'woocommerce_is_purchasable', false );
Adding a filter woocommerce_is_purchasable to template’s functions.php to achieve catalog mode (no Add to cart button)

Refresh your site and see your add to cart functionality gone for all of the products along with the Add to Cart button.

This is by far the easiest way to achieve a catalog mode WooCommerce store.

Read more about how this filter works: https://wisdmlabs.com/blog/the-right-way-to-hide-add-to-cart-button-in-woocommerce/

Post Author: Tom Pai