Tip: add Google translate language picker to your WordPress (no plugins)

If you are interested in offering your readers your content in machine translation via Google Translate, you may just be in luck, because Google Translate has an option for web owners to include a language selection dropdown to their site. When readers select their preferred language the whole site gets translated under the visitors eyes. This is machine translation and almost never 100% correct, but it may be helpful to some of your readers anyway.

Here is how to add Google Translate language selection dropdown to your WordPress site without installing any additional plugins.

    1. Go to Google Website Translator and click “Add new website”
    2. Fill out the basic information about your site

      Step1: Google Website Translator – add website info
    3. Select the languages that you want to be enabled for your site and also select the desired looks for the language selector. After that just hit “Get code” to get the plugin code.

      Step 2: Select options for the plugin
    4. Now you see the code. Copy the code from Google Website Translator

      Step 3: Copy the code
    5. Go to your WordPress admin and navigate to Appearance -> Widgets. Create a new Text widget to your Sidebar. To do this, just find the widget named Text on the left side and drag it to a position in the Sidebar on the right side.
      WordPress Text widget – to add HTML to your site

      Step 4: Paste the Google Website translator code to your Text widget in WordPress
    6. Save the widget and go and refresh your website. You should see a nice language selector on your website that does indeed translate your website via Google Translate in languages you preferred.

      Google Translate language picker
      Google Translate language picker on my website

Tip! Google Translate is not very accurate all the time and your visitors may be annoyed by incorrect translations. Test and see what works best for you – translating professionally and making your WordPress multilingual or using simple machine translation like Google Translate.

Tip! If you fancy plugins (I suggest keep them as few as possible), here is a Google Language Translator plugin that promises to do the job.

Post Author: Tom Pai