Solved: WordPress on WAMP “The link you followed has expired” when installing a plugin by uploading a .zip

When you have chosen to run your WordPress installation let’s say for development purposes locally in your PC on WAMPserver (that is Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) you might run into issues when trying to upload bigger media or install plugins using the .zip file upload method.

I personally tried to install Divi theme and Divi editor plugin, both failed with the same error on a blank page:

“The link you followed has expired.” WordPress error - the link you followed has expired

Of course the error does not actually state what is wrong. Nothing expired. You are most likely having instead issues with limits on your upload size.

How to solve “The link you followed has expired” error in WordPress running on WAMP?

  1. Please go to Media->Add new in your WordPress admin area. See at the bottom the maximum file size allowed for upload.
    WordPress maximum file upload size check
  2. If the upload size is anything below a couple of megabytes you have found the cause. Normally something around 128MB or 256MB should be set here. So let’s change it in WAMP settings.
  3. In your desktop notification tray area find the Wampserver icon. Hovering it should say “Local server – all services running” and it should be green.
  4. Click on it with mouse and navigate via the menus as follows:
    PHP -> PHP settings -> upload_max_filesize -> select some bigger value, i.e. 256M here to set the upload limit to 256MB.
    WAMP server change file upload size for wordpress
  5. After you click on a new value, some CMD windows will flash on the screen (Apache does a restart) and you should now be able to upload your bigger media or zip files through plugin / theme uploader.


It worked for me. Hoping you will solve your issue.

If you are not running your WordPress on WAMP but are using a webhosting instead, please check this WP Beginner’s tutorial how to solve the link has expired error on your server.

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Post Author: Tom Pai