Solved: WooCommerce thousands separator comma coming back



I ran into a strange issue where when trying to edit WooCommerce price display options – the comma of the thousands separator just wouldn’t go away.

I tried many ways to get rid of it, but it always came back.

Until i tried this:

  1. set another currency as active (like japanese yen) and change the position of the currency symbol too (Save)
  2. Now set back to your original currency, the position of the symbol and remove the comma from the thousands separator. Save.
  3. The comma came back in the admin for me but disappeared in the frontend.


Not sure if this is a bug on the WooCommerce side or a conflict on the certain webstore, but this is how I managed to remove the comma and a quick search revealed there are other people having similar problems.

Please leave a comment if it worked or not for you.


Post Author: Tom Pai