Solved: POST content-length (of bytes) exceeds the limit (of bytes) in Unknown – the link you followed has expired on WAMP

When running your WordPress on WAMP you might stumble upon on a PHP Warning: POST Content-Length of [some number] of bytes exceeds the limit of [some number] bytes in Unknown on line 0 when uploading media, installing plugins or themes to your locally installed WordPress.

PHP Warning: POST content length exceeds the limit

Of course it might seem like something terrible has happened at first sight and you might be afraid you have broken your WordPress. Luckily this is not the case.

How to solve the Warning that says post content lenght exceeds the limit in WAMP for WordPress?

  1. Find the Wampserver icon on your notification tray area in your Windows desktop
    Wampserver icon in tray in Windows
  2. Click on it with your mouse cursor and navigate in the menu as follows.
    PHP -> PHP settings -> post_max_size -> select some bigger value than you currently have set, i.e. put it to 256M to set the limit to 256MB.
    WAMP post_max_size to solve post size exceeds limit error
  3. You will see some CMD windows flashing on the screen. That is Apache restarting. After the Wampserver icon turns green again you can try uploading your zip again.


Hoping this worked for you. If it helped you, please share this article and post a link to this in places in internet to help other people find it. Thanks!

Post Author: Tom Pai