Solved: 404 on posts and pages after WordPress update to 4.9.8

WordPress site “Not found” page for error 404 response code.

The surprise is big when you see an “error 404 – page not found” on your WordPress site posts and pages after you successfully ran WordPress core and – of course – plugins updates.

The first thing you would try is to see if the .htaccess file is broken or lost. Then if that is OK you naturally re-save the permalinks structure. Still no help and still error 404 on your pages and posts?

Here’s how I solved the error 404 on posts and pages after the WordPress update to 4.9.8

  1. check, if the .htacess file is in place and looks like it should
  2. re-save the permalinks structure under Settings -> Permalinks (just set it to plain, save, then set it back to whatever you had)
  3. Disable/enable plugins, but repeat step 2 after disabling.


Quite strangely for me this time number 3 worked and I didn’t have the time to search, why. I had a WPML translation plugin installed and also WooCommerce. I’m suspecting the error is caused by either one of them. When turning the plugins on one-by-one after disabling them, re-saving the permalinks and then turning on the plugins, but checking after every one, whether the 404 were present – 404 did not appear anymore.

Strange, but this is how I solved error 404 on my client’s site after upgrading WordPress to 4.9.8 and updating all the plugins, including WooCommerce.

Further help, if these steps didn’t help you, this article will:


Ps. If you are not sure, whether you actually are having a correct url (there even needs to be an article on that url you’re trying?), see this article.

Post Author: Tom Pai