Divi: translate “read more” in Blog module

Divi theme from ElegantThemes.

I needed to translate the Read more text in Divi theme blog module. It didn’t translate automatically, so WordPress translations aren’t at fault and needed to see into Divi translations. I was using Polylang as the best free WordPress translation plugin.

How to translate read more in blog module (and other Divi texts, like Submit in contact form)?

  1. Get and install POedit. This is required to edit WordPress translation files.
  2. FTP connect to your site and download from:
    your language editable PO translation file, e.g. es_ES.po
  3. Open the po file with POEdit and use CTRL+F to find the read more string. There are more than one, please translate all of them.
  4. Save the translation (CTRL+S) and the .mo file will be created.
  5. Upload both, the .mo and .po back to your server via FTP to the same location. Rename the old files before (don’t overwrite) just in case.

This should do it. The blog module translation needs to be translated now.

WordPress translations template file. You can create your own language translation from it.

PS. If your language isn’t available, create a new translations file from the template (en_US.pot – see above image). Download it to your desktop, open it with POEdit and select, which language you want to translate it to and translate all the texts. Then after done, save and upload both .po and .mo that it generated.

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Post Author: Tom Pai