Solved: Can’t change site language, save not working in WordPress General settings

I ran into a strange issue today where I needed to change a site language in WordPress General Settings, but selected language just would not save.

I went to General, then select desired language under Site Language and hit Save Changes. A message appears at the top of the page “Settings saved.”

settings saved text in WordPress

But what happened that the Site Language changed right back to English, not stayed to what I had selected. What the hey!

site language english in WordPress

Strange thing is – I did not have any language plugins installed that could possibly interfere with this setting.

How did I solve WordPress not saving Site Language?

After a bit of investigating it turned out that there is a little button in the theme I was using – Divi – that will disable language translations. This was the reason why I wasn’t able to switch to another language in my WordPress general settings.

To find the setting in Divi – just:

  1. Go in admin to Divi -> Theme Options -> General
  2. Scroll down and find Disable Translations
  3. Click the slider to make it Disabled (gray)
  4. Save settings (save button is at the top and at the bottom of the page)

Divi Theme settings - disable translations


Then go back to WordPress Settings -> General and try setting Site Language again.

Worked for me, hoping it works for you too.

Did not work?

Further more, if this is not your case you could check whether there is sufficient privileges on your filesystem for the application to write to folders. That could be another main reason for why saving a language is not working in WordPress admin.

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Post Author: Tom Pai

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