Webcam turns on when visiting

Lenovo x250 and it’s webcam

I just got a new laptop (a refurbished all new condition ultrabook Lenovo X250) and started installing all my required software. My first reading of e-mails took me to open AliExpress to confirm goods received.

Big was my surprise when upon opening the AliExpress website ESET Internet Security pops up and asks for my permission to let Google Chrome access my webcam. I refused and was confused.

Then I googled.

The only thread I could find discussing AliExpress and webcam activity was here and it hasn’t been causing a lot of buzz.

Google Chrome accessing webcam when visiting AliExpress
Google Chrome trying to access webcam when visiting AliExpress

If you are here and reading this – you are probably having some thoughts on this. I couldn’t find any documentation from AliExpress or any other good reason why this should happen.

Do let me know in the comments if you have similar experiences with the webcam becoming active or your anti-virus asking for permissions when visiting or any other site and if it’s intended action or malware related.

Post Author: Tom Pai