Showing support to Ukraine on website by blue-yellow pointer icon

One more way to show support to Ukraine and Ukrainians in their fight to maintain their independence, the right to live freely on their own land and to condemn the Russian aggression is to add a Ukraine themed cursor on your website. The cursor is an element that visitors on a desktop computer to your website will definitely see.

Adding a Ukraine themed cursor on your website:

– cursor image without text. 
Download image

– cursor image with text “Russian invasion must stop! Slava Ukraini”
Download image

  1. download the cursor file you like and upload it to your own web server, WordPress media library etc
  2. Add custom CSS style to your website, usually in WordPress it is done Appearance -> Customize -> Custom CSS
body, html, a, iframe, button, i, ins { 
cursor: url(here-paste-url-to-the-cursor-file-in-your-website),auto;

To find the exact Url of the cursor file after you have uploaded it to WordPress Media Library, click on the cursor icon file (that you have uploaded to Media Library) and see File Url field. You can click the Copy Url to clipboard to make copy Url and have it in your computers clipboard ready for pasting into the Custom CSS you are going to add.

Finding the URL of the attachment in WordPress Media Library

Thats it, now you should be having a Ukraine themed cursor on your website now to show support to Ukraine in defending their freedom.

Ps. You can of course design your own cursor to include messages, flags etc. Just make sure you save the png with transparent background and that the top-left corner of your image is where your cursor pointer is.

If you’d like that I made a custom blue-yellow cursor icon for using on your website, just leave me a note in the comments or drop me an email in Contact.

Map coverage of countries where has had visits 1 year before publishing the article. I hope this this continues and the message reaches many places.

Post Author: Tom Pai