Remove Category Page White Space in VirtueMart

When you have a default install of a VirtueMart store on Joomla, you will notice that there are extra linebreaks on top of your e-shop main category page (the page that you get when you create a menu item in Joomla that points to VirtueMart category ID=0 e.g. the all category list page).

This is really annoying and here is how to remove the white space from the top of VirtueMart category list page:

  1. Open file \components\com_virtuemart\themes\default\templates\common\shopIndex.tpl.php
  2. On rows 5 and 6 delete the <br />-s from the php echo code
  3. Open file \components\com_virtuemart\themes\default\templates\common\categoryChildlist.tpl.php
  4. On row 14 delete the <br />
  5. Save the files and your category pages have no more white space on top of them.

You can totally remove the word “Categories” from the e-shop main page, do this by commenting out line 6 in shopIndex.tpl.php

Post Author: Tom Pai