Solved: WPML product translation Visual tab empty in WooCommerce after update

Visual tab empty and not editable in product translation fields – yes this has happened to me and many others. Here is how I managed to solve it really quickly and get product translation fields back to editable. Install and activate Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin After installing the plugin for me the fields appeared […]

Solved: SQL change all products to virtual / not virtual in WooCommerce via phpMyAdmin

Might you need to bulk edit products to assign them all virtual or not virtual the best way is to do it via the database. I had for my customer over 5000 products in WooCommerce all marked “virtual” by mistake from import. Yes, I tried bulk editing tools like WP Sheet Editor and Bulk Table […]

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Solved: Enfold theme WooCommerce store message overlapping menu and logo

Using Enfold theme one may stumble upon an issue with the store message of WooCommerce overlapping menu and logo partially. Annoying and could have been avoided if the theme were designed more properly. When looking at how the store message is propagated to the top of the page, you will discover its code actually is […]


Tip: Easiest way to turn WooCommerce to catalog (hide add to cart button)

Sometimes you want to turn your WooCommerce into a product catalog. This can happen to either you or your client. When looking for ways how to do it, you most likely stumble upon a WordPress plugin that turns on catalog mode. I personally tried the YITH WooCommerce Catalog mode plugin and it lacked a feature […]

Remove Add to Cart functionality from WooCommerce easily

Tip: Hide Add to Cart button/function without plugins easily in WooCommerce

2019 update: the solution below doesn’t work anymore. See for an updated solution here: how to turn WooCommerce to catalog mode. ——– There are several plugins available that will let you turn your WooCommerce site to a catalog site or catalog mode site, which means only products with descriptions, images and prices, but no ordering […]

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Solved: Add To Cart Missing for Variable Products in WooCommerce

After updating a theme (I was using The Retailer) and WordPress (to 4.1) I was missing the add-to-cart button in WordPress / WooCommerce webstore for variable products (products with variations). First, what I tried to get the add-to-cart button back to working: – change the template (to see if it’s the template’s fault) – turn […]