scl_string_tables over a million rows

Solved: wp_icl_string_pages huge table in database, hundreds of MB, WPML to blame

I discovered a huge table in a customer WordPress when performing a backup with Duplicator before starting to update the site and plugins. Database was huge and boasted a hundred-thousand-row table named prefix_+ icl_string_pages. What the heck and phuck? So but it seems that it was not a new topic. Many have already faced this […]

Google Translate language picker

Tip: add Google translate language picker to your WordPress (no plugins)

If you are interested in offering your readers your content in machine translation via Google Translate, you may just be in luck, because Google Translate has an option for web owners to include a language selection dropdown to their site. When readers select their preferred language the whole site gets translated under the visitors eyes. […]