Solved: Facebook OG share image in Magento 1.9 (without installing any plugins)

Magento 1.9 branch has been around for a while and a lot of websites are still using it although Magento 2 branch has been announced a while ago. Magento 1.9 doesn’t have the open graph installed by default and if you do (of course you do) want to get the benefits of using OG tags […]


Solved: Checkout Not Working if Formkey Validation Turned On (After Applying Patches)

Recently I updated a client site to the latest version from to include all latest security and improvement patches. The site was using a customized RWD theme. After the update everything worked pretty well, but in the admin there was a big message at the top that said for better security formkey validation […]

Magento admin - sitemap path not available and cannot be used.

Solved: Magento 1.9 creating sitemap fails, path is not available and cannot be used

If you are optimizing your Magento 1.9 store for search engines you may want to generate additional sitemaps lets say to every store you have, especially if you have the stores in different languages. What is funny is that you need to create these sitemaps yourself but when creating them via Catalog -> Google Sitemap […]

Magento Google Analytics adding

Google Analytics on Magento – How To

Adding Google Analytics to your Magento store is relatively simple and requires no coding. This is how you can add Google Analytics to Magento: Log in to Google Analytics and create a new analytics account for your Magento store. Log in to Magento admin and navigate to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Google API Copy […]

Disable newsletter module in Magento

I was looking for a way to disable newsletter module in Magento. The newsletter module is in place by Magento default install and is really complicated to remove by playing around with module positions in design. Here’s how to completely disable Magento’s newsletter module: Log in to Magento’s backend Go to System -> Configuration -> […]