Solved: Google Analytics is in wrong language (Finnish not Estonian or English)

Today had a funny issue – Google Analytics language changed to Finnish, but I didn’t change it myself. I had always had in Google Account language settings set that primary language is Estonian and secondary language is English. So how did it happen that the language in Google Analytics changed to Finnish? No idea. Searched […]


Google AdWords 75£/40€/75€ coupon

In various areas Google AdWords is running a campaign to get more people to try Google AdWords. In Europe there is a campaign for new users to get 75£/40€/75€ credits for free after a small amount on the new account has been spent. It can’t be Googled so I thought I’d be of help and […]

Google ads on Joomla website

Running a Joomla! powered website and want to add Google Ads to earn from advertising? Here’s how to add Google Ads to your Joomla site: Set up a Google Adsense account and log in to AdSense. In Google Adsense go to My Ads -> Ad units -> + New ad unit to set up a new […]