Bernie Sanders in Lüllemäe, Estonia, waiting at the old tavern house for a party

What people thought about the fact I acquired the old Lüllemäe Bar (Nodimäe bar) building

So yes, it happened. Decided and deal done. Time to start getting to know the building and work on it. Seeing me working on it and as the news spread it has sprouted interest in people. Of course many came to say what were their thoughts and I have been constantly surprised of the interest […]

Lüllemäe old tavern house in Estonia

I’m taking on an old medieval tavern building. Will try and build my workspace in it

In 2014 I made an unpopular decision to move from capital city back to the countryside of South-Estonia, Lüllemäe and worked here remotely for some time now. I’m keen of renovation and acquired an old (very old, supposedly originating from 15th century) tavern building made of stone and rock with lime plastered interiors here, you […]

I worked 1 year remotely from the countryside for an agile software company. How did it go?

Summary: this has been a life changing experience to extract from the office and work remotely from the calmness of the countryside. Here is what I learned about working remotely in the process. Information about the position Position: IT Operations Specialist (release manager, alerting and monitoring manager, project manager, PCI DSS compliancy manager) Time worked […]

WRC Toyota co-driver with Ott Tänak experience

Drove as Ott Tänak’s co-driver on Martin Järveoja’s seat in Toyota WRC for 5 mins. Here’s what happened.

Long story short: “It is like stepping to another dimension of events that you have not had an imagination of before.” The co-driver experience On 30th of June 2019 Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja took part of a public event for the rally fans in Estonia – Delfi Rally Day in Tallinn. Two lucky rally […]