CSS fix to mobile menu

Solved: Divi Mobile Menu Extends over screen, can’t scroll, some menu items not visible

You may discover that using Divi theme menu module and having long enough menu with nested menu items the menu might upon opening extend deeper down on screen than there is room on screen and hence it will not be fully visible on mobile screens. In addition the long menu is not scrollable, leaving further […]

Divi Theme settings - disable translations

Solved: Can’t change site language, save not working in WordPress General settings

I ran into a strange issue today where I needed to change a site language in WordPress General Settings, but selected language just would not save. I went to General, then select desired language under Site Language and hit Save Changes. A message appears at the top of the page “Settings saved.” But what happened […]

Divi: translate “read more” in Blog module

I needed to translate the Read more text in Divi theme blog module. It didn’t translate automatically, so WordPress translations aren’t at fault and needed to see into Divi translations. I was using Polylang as the best free WordPress translation plugin. How to translate read more in blog module (and other Divi texts, like Submit […]