Tip: Easiest way to turn WooCommerce to catalog (hide add to cart button)

Sometimes you want to turn your WooCommerce into a product catalog. This can happen to either you or your client. When looking for ways how to do it, you most likely stumble upon a WordPress plugin that turns on catalog mode. I personally tried the YITH WooCommerce Catalog mode plugin and it lacked a feature […]

Remove Add to Cart functionality from WooCommerce easily

Tip: Hide Add to Cart button/function without plugins easily in WooCommerce

2019 update: the solution below doesn’t work anymore. See for an updated solution here: how to turn WooCommerce to catalog mode. ——– There are several plugins available that will let you turn your WooCommerce site to a catalog site or catalog mode site, which means only products with descriptions, images and prices, but no ordering […]