Remove Add to Cart functionality from WooCommerce easily

Tip: Hide Add to Cart button/function without plugins easily in WooCommerce

2019 update: the solution below doesn’t work anymore. See for an updated solution here: how to turn WooCommerce to catalog mode. ——– There are several plugins available that will let you turn your WooCommerce site to a catalog site or catalog mode site, which means only products with descriptions, images and prices, but no ordering […]

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Solved: Add To Cart Missing for Variable Products in WooCommerce

After updating a theme (I was using The Retailer) and WordPress (to 4.1) I was missing the add-to-cart button in WordPress / WooCommerce webstore for variable products (products with variations). First, what I tried to get the add-to-cart button back to working: – change the template (to see if it’s the template’s fault) – turn […]