Solved: Google Analytics is in wrong language (Finnish not Estonian or English)

Today had a funny issue – Google Analytics language changed to Finnish, but I didn’t change it myself. I had always had in Google Account language settings set that primary language is Estonian and secondary language is English.

So how did it happen that the language in Google Analytics changed to Finnish? No idea. Searched in several places and could not find any help. So I had to solve this issue for myself giving up Google in my native langage and replacing it with English (which is fine for me, if you reached to this page and can read this, probably you can solve your issue temporarily like this, too).


Here is how I solved the issue that Google Analytics was displayed in wrong language

The easiest way to change the Google Analytics language to your desired one:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Visit this link
  3. In the dropdown find the language selection and change it to English (or if you find, your own language)

You can try also this if the above method does not help:

  1. Go to Google account language selection page
  2. Instead of the other language you have selected, click on the pen and select English from the languages
  3. Now you have to specify a location where you are speaking English. I hate this option and do not understand why it exists, but from here you must select United Kingdom or United States to get decent English. Side note: if I select English and Finland for example, display language is all Finnish again.
  4. Click Select at the bottom
  5. Now go to Google Analytics and see if the display language changed to English for you.


It is not perfect and does not bring the native language back, but also this is not the first time this issue occurs. For some reason Google products have started to think I prefer Finnish language.

It is safer for me to remain on the English language and give up my native language use in Google products for now. But maybe time to learn a new language, like Finnish 🙂

Post Author: Tom Pai