﴾☺﴿ 6 Tips for Great Success in Pokemon GO


The World is talking about this new super hyper game that is called POKEMON GO. It’s an app available for both Android and Apple phones and the main goal is to catch creatures (pokémons) for which you need to move around in real world – running, by car, public transport – you pick it. 

The game uses GPS signal to position you on the virtual map and all the game takes place on the real world map including Pokemon stops that are located in very interesting locations (police stations, statues, memorial spots, restaurants etc). 

How could I be different than the whole world

I too installed it and almost in no time I was hunting for the virtual creatures in my nearby forest. None did I find, no pokemons in my forest where I was picking mushrooms, which is by the way almost the same activity as picking pokemons, but without the map to show where the nearby pokemons are. 

Here are 6 tips and tricks to be more successful at Pokemon GO

…and how to catch the pokemons more easily. 


1. Use the bad eggs first

Pokestops give you a lot of eggs that you hatch and get pokemons from. Some eggs need less kilometres to hatch, some more. Often you might want to hatch the longest distance requirement eggs, but it’s good if you hatch the lower distance demanding eggs on lower levels and keep the longer distance needing eggs for higher levels. 


2. Use tools at hand

A lot of players are being smart about how to play more easily. Want the egg to hatch but not interested in walking – spin the phone and the egg will hatch fast. A small model train set, model racecar kit will do the job – just place the phone on it and run it. You can even attach the phone to your pet and let them run in the yard. You can also use drones which would be the easiest and fastest way altogether but try and keep the property of others safe and untouched. 


3. Fight smart

Once past the first level you can fight other Pokemons. Don’t trust the game’s default choices. See who you are fighting with and choose wisely the best pokemon. Fire pokemon you fight with water pokemon. See the blue ribbon at the top of the screen? If it is totally blue keep your finger on the screen to use Pokemon’s special attack skill. 


4. Make it easy to catch the pokemons

Before you throw your ball wait for the colored circle to shrink around the pokemon. The smaller the circle the bigger chances of getting the pokemon. You need to hit the circle in the middle for that to happen more easily. 


5. Switch off the augmented reality mode

When catching the pokemon switch off the reality mode. It only makes the pokemon jump around more and harder to hit. Use the right screen side to switch it off. No nice augmented reality effect but catching the pokemon is much much easier and no need to move your phone around so much. 


6. Follow and observe the pokemons

To catch these creatures you don’t need to wander around and look for them. On the right bottom of your screen there is a button that opens nearby pokemons feature. Three footprints means that a pokemon is far away and one footprint means a Pokemon is pretty close. Every footprint marks around a 100m of radius. õ


So these were the 6 tricks that will make you fantastically successful at collecting Pokemons. Enjoy, have fun and don’t get shot!

What is Pokemon GO? Here is the official trailer:

The image of the article is a screenshot from Pokemon Go official website www.pokemongo.com

Post Author: Tom Pai