What people thought about the fact I acquired the old Lüllemäe Bar (Nodimäe bar) building

Bernie Sanders in Lüllemäe, Estonia, waiting at the old tavern house for a party
Bernie Sanders in Lüllemäe, Estonia, waiting at the old tavern house for a party

So yes, it happened. Decided and deal done. Time to start getting to know the building and work on it.

Seeing me working on it and as the news spread it has sprouted interest in people. Of course many came to say what were their thoughts and I have been constantly surprised of the interest rate. Sharing some of the opinions I can remember:

Village bypassers and other visitors have expressed:

  • don’t make it too good, or people will get jealous
  • old ladies, walking away: he is a good man
  • isn’t it a bit too much, like you already have an apartment, a cottage and now this?
  • you will need X amount of money (ranging from 100k-200k euros) to “put in it” to even have anything out of it
  • you have a cook at home, good onya, you can use her (like I owned her)
  • there are several funerals each month, you can serve the funerals!
  • (total opposite of the previous) why do you want to make a room that can be used for occasions? We already have so many of those, it’s not needed!
  • “you have a new profession, do you? (when seeing me swiping the street at the front of the building).
    “Well, someone has gotta do it! But do you know who owns this dirty hut?” (with a negative, blaming tone). This was the funniest, I must say, from an old lady, because of the impression she gave when I told it was me who owned it now.
  • You must build a balcony in front of the building so everyone eating here can chill on the balcony
  • aah, it was on sale for such a long time and the price finally dropped so low (seems a bit passive aggressive) – it’s one of my favourite ones and occurred more times than I can remember, oddly often occurs
  • you aren’t going to renovate it yourself, are you? You are going to put men to work on it, are you? Heard it several times. One of my favourites again (like work that I can do myself isn’t good and only “men from companies” provide work)
  • what are you going to make of it? This, of course, is the winner. People seem to just need this information. For me this question poses more than just interest of what will come of this building. I sense that people ask this question to expand their own mind, so their mind could potentially grasp new possibilities that someone’s – like me, buying the old tavern house, probably having a great idea for it – head is possible of seeing. And it’s true. Even before, but massively after I have acquired it, the possibilities with it ahead seem various.
  • it is a good investment for sure
  • you have already done so much on it (expressed overly enthusiastically – after I had cleaned the rainpipe, patched a hole on the roof and scraped some moss off of the front side of the building).
  • you can have a seminar room and a bar
  • make a cafe, we really need some buns and coffee every once in a while and the Yellow House cafe is too expensive, it’s no good, we can’t afford it
  • I want to have lunch, can I have it here?
  • The tractorists are all looking for a place that they could have lunch in
  • I will come and work for you
  • You must have taken a loan
  • good that you (someone) finally started working on it!
  • our village needs cozy accommodation possibility, you should build it here
  • you should provide hot tub pool behind the house
  • you can make a wine cellar at the back of the building
  • the rooms should be used to make a daycare and/or partyground facility for kids/children
  • we were also looking to buy it but when inspecting more closely we were scared off by the condition of the building, it’s condition is really bad
  • I/we have been also thinking about buying it and we had X, Y, Z plan for it – (and then the plan description followed) – it is also one of my favourite ones that supports the decision to acquire this old tavern house – people are really keen and into it. So more responsibility to make it into better condition and provide services for the community in it like it has historically been.
  • Once you’ll have the floor heating attached, it will give a tremendous effect.
  • Not feeling sorry for you at all 😂
  • Why would you then purchase it if you don’t have a strict plan in place for it? You could have bought something nice to your family instead!
  • It’s good if you don’t have the budget or don’t plan to do it all at once – you will have time to think and spread decisions on a longer period of time.
  • I am envious – not because of the building but because of the enthusiasm you have.


As the saying goes – as much as there are people, there are opinions 🙂

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Post Author: Tom Pai