Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair – “can not start Outlook” solution

Although Microsoft Outlook is considered one of the most used email management tool, it is not free from error. The biggest problem we as admins may come across is “Can not start Microsoft Outlook” error where all the email and related information becomes inaccessible due to a damaged, corrupt or too large PST file. And to worsen the matter, the scanpst.exe file is not able to fix the severe corruption issue, sometimes. There is a variety of error messages available when Outlook cannot open, one for example looks like this:

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook error message
Cannot start Microsoft Outlook error message

Microsoft has acknowledged that the Outlook data files (.pst, .ost) are prone to failure and they have put out thorough instructions how to handle this situation:

In case you already have tried these with no results you need a more powerful tool to restore the .pst files.


Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair – Product Review

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software is a really feature-rich software to repair corrupt or damaged PST file and recover the entire data including emails, contacts, journals, attachments, contacts, calendars and more. With this software you can recover deleted mail items from PST.  The best part of this software is that it saves the repaired file as new usable PST to easily import into MS Outlook.

Let me share the capabilities and features of the product along with the Repair process conducted by this PST Repair software from Stellar.


The Features

  • The all-new Graphical User Interface resembles MS Outlook interface which made the repairing process manageable and straightforward. Even a novice user could manage the software with ease.
  • ‘Find’ option is useful to locate corrupt PST file. ‘Find’ button searches the all PST file within drive/folders/ subfolders.
  • Scans & Repairs all mail components and recovers the deleted mail items also.
  • Once scanning is complete, the software provides a 3 view format to view and verify all emails and other mail components including Tasks, Journals, Calendars, Contacts and more. The entire repaired data displays in this preview.
  • Option to Search specific emails enables selective recovery of mail items. The repaired file can be saved as new PST file (free from any corruption) on any disk including Network disk or any other as visible by the host operating system.
  • Software eases the Search process and arranges scanned mail components as per Date, To, From, Subject Type, Attachments.
  • Saves repaired PST in multiple formats including PST. Numerous Saving options ensure complete or selective file saving where this software is used to save even a single email message in the form of EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, and PDF format. Tech version helps in exporting repaired PST directly to Office 365 and in MBOX and DBX formats.
  • Additionally, Save & Load Scan features let to save the scanned data in the form of the DAT file to restore data at a later stage without repeat scanning.
  • Size of PST file never hampers the software repairing-capacity. Stellar Phoenix PST Repair Software repairs PSTs larger than 2 GBs.
  • The Tech version of Stellar software lets the users minimize the chances of further PST file corruption through its Compact and Split. Compact PST compresses the size of repaired PST to reduce further chances of file corruption. Similarly, Split PST helps in splitting PST file as per size, date, Mail ID and more.

The Specifications

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software needs minimum specification for its installation. A Pentium Class Processor with 1GB Memory, 100 MB of Hard disk, having an operating system from as early as Windows XP version or higher is enough to install the software. Tech License is also available for installation on multiple systems at a specific location.

The Installation

Download software from and double-click on StellarPhoenixOutlookPSTRepair.exe executable file to initiate the software installation process.

Next, Setup and Register the software to start MS Outlook PST repair process.


The Outlook PST Repair Process

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair with simple Graphical User Interface enables Outlook Administrators to Browse or Find the corrupt PST file for repair.

Two options are available on the Select PST File for Repair dialog box . One is Browse where we can select the corrupt PST and other is Find which provides an option to locate PST files automatically.


  1. Click on Browse button to select the corrupt PST to repair.
  2. Next, click on Repair button to initiate the scan and repair process for the selected PST file
User Interface of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair
Figure 1: User Interface of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair


  1. If the corrupt PST file location is not known, click on Find option to locate corrupt PST file.
Find button to locate corrupt PST file
Figure 2: Illustrates Find button to locate corrupt PST file
  1. Find PST File dialog box opens. Use Look in option to specify the Drive where the corrupt PST File is located.
  2. Click Find to search for a right file from the list of PST files listed in the available box


  1. Click on Repair button to initiate the scan and repair process for the selected PST file
  2. Once the software starts scanning and repairing the corrupt PST file, it displays a Progress bar with status on Repairing PST File:
Status Bar for PST File Repair
Figure 3: Illustrates Status Bar for PST File Repair

All mail components list in a tree and can be searched for specific email, contact and other components to verify data. List of folders are available on Left and List of emails on the right along with other details.

Preview of mailboxes in tree-format
Figure 4: Illustrates Preview of mailboxes in tree-format

Once confirmed that the data listed is complete and correct, the next step is to Save the data. Though there is an option to save specific folders or other components, one may opt to save the entire repaired PST file.

Saving the restored data:

Save Repaired File option in the Main menu
Figure 5: Save Repaired File option in the Main menu

From the Home Menu, click on Save Repaired File button

Some Saving options display on the screen. For example, choose PST if MS Outlook was inaccessible due to corrupt or damaged PST file.

There is an option to include Deleted Items through checkbox,

"Save As" dialog box
Figure 6: Illustrates “Save As” dialog box

Other saving options include MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and PDF. There are added options to export repaired PST file directly to Office 365 and to save in DBX, MBOX formats which are available in Tech version of the software.

Stellar software provides an option to save a single email or another mail component by selecting that item. Next, right click on the message and keep that mail component in the preferred format.

Once the PST file is saved, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software displays a dialog box with Saving Complete message on the screen. Click on OK button.

Completion of PST File Repair Process

Figure 7: Illustrates Completion of PST File Repair ProcessNext, import the repaired PST file into Outlook, and work on MS Outlook again.

The Review

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software is a fantastic PST Repair tool as it provided a hassle-free and quick resolution to the error. Simple GUI coupled with perfect functionality ensured that the process is completed with ease. The best part is that I was able to work on the software without any prior training.

The advanced and quick PST Repair process of the software helped in the faster recovery of our Outlook mailbox than any other method. We highly recommend the software to needy E-mail admins and Outlook Users.

Free Demo

The demo version allows for a test drive of the software. Try before buy if it can repair your .pst files.

Download a free demo of the software from here:


Prices start from $99. Buy the software here:





Post Author: Tom Pai