Is your Outlook 2016 crashing when starting up? Check out the causes & solutions

Summary: This article will serve as a handy guide to help you understand some of the most common reasons like faulty add-ins, corruption in Outlook data files, etc. that can cause Outlook 2016 to crash while starting up, and the solutions.

Outlook 2016 crashing?

Your work can come to a halt, if your Outlook application keeps crashing on start up. Such a situation may occur due to several reasons. Let’s look at a few common causes behind Outlook crash, along with the solutions.

A Quick Tip! Make sure to install the latest applicable updates for Outlook 2016. That’s because the new updates usually come with bug fixes that can resolve the issue of Outlook crash.

Outlook has stopped working error.
Outlook has stopped working error.

Probable Causes Resulting in Outlook Crash, and its Solutions

  1. Problem with Add-ins

While Outlook add-ins can enhance your experience, they may cause Outlook crash.

Outlook add-ins.
Outlook add-ins.

Solution: You can determine whether an add-in is the problem or not, simply by starting Outlook in safe mode by using the “outlook.exe/safe” command.

If the Outlook application starts in safe mode, then likely the add-in is at fault. You’ll need to disable all the add-ins and enable them one at a time, and then restart Outlook each time till you find the one that’s causing the problem.

  1. Problem with Antivirus Protection and Internet Security Software

Some antivirus and Internet Security software create a lot of registry entries that may cause Outlook to crash.

Solution: Disable Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) in the settings of Antivirus and Internet Security software.

  1. Problem with Outlook profile

Your profile contains all the information about Outlook settings. The profile can sometimes become corrupt, leading to Outlook crash.

Outlook profiles.
Outlook profiles.

Solution: Determine whether the profile is corrupt or not, by creating a new Outlook profile and changing “which profile is used” when Outlook starts.

  1. Problem with Outlook data files

Corruption in OST or PST file due to large size, bad sectors on hard disk, virus attack, etc. can also result in Outlook crash.

Outlook data files.
Outlook data files.

Solution: Generally, the Microsoft inbuilt utility ‘Scanspst.exe’ (also known as Inbox Repair Tool) can help resolve the ‘Outlook crash’ issue by diagnosing and repairing the errors found in both Personal (.PST) file and Offline Folder (.OST) file.

But, the scanpst utility has some limitations:

  • It cannot work in case of severely corrupt PST files

  • It cannot repair data files larger than 2 GB

  • While the tool can repair directory structure and headers of PST file, it cannot repair the internal structure of the data file

An alternative solution is to use a file repair software to fix Outlook crash that’s caused because of corrupt data files.

For instance, Stellar Repair for Outlook would provide the needed assistance to you. This DIY Outlook PST file repair software helps:

  • Provides a comprehensive solution to easily repair severely corrupt PST files

  • Recovers Outlook mailbox data (including emails, important contacts, calendars and other items) and save it in multiple formats such as EML, PDF, and RTF.

  • Also repairs encrypted PST file

  • Helps restore lost and deleted PST files with simple clicks and in a quick way

  1. Problem with Hardware Graphics Acceleration

The Hardware Graphics Acceleration feature, which is supposed to improve the performance of MS Outlook, can also cause Outlook crash.

Solution: Some users said that disabling the Hardware Graphics Acceleration helped him fix the Outlook 2016 crash problem. So, you may also try disabling the Hardware Graphics Acceleration option under the advanced tab in the Outlook options dialog box (as shown in the image below).

Disable hardware graphics acceleration in Outlook.
Disable hardware graphics acceleration in Outlook.

Summing Up!

Removing add-ins, creating a new profile, disabling Hardware Graphics Acceleration and a few other solutions can help fix the Outlook 2016 problem. But if none of these work for you, try using an Outlook PST repair tool to save your time and efforts in dealing with ‘Outlook crash problem when starting up’.

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Post Author: Tom Pai