A-Rühm – Emmpee3 (year 2006 remake)

This experiment with A-Rühm – Emmpee3 was for a contest held by Raadio2, Estonian radio station.

Participants could download the vocal track only and had to build the beat behind the vocal.

My result that went into the contest on a CD in an envelope via snail mail

A-Rühm – Emmpee3 (2006 remake by Tom Pai) 


CD-ROM used to be “the thing” back in the days that could also carry the novel mp3 file format

To compete in the competition I had to send a CD with the song to the radio station. I did.

But to spice things up I added autoplay file to the CD so when inserted to the player in a computer it instantly opened a HTML website displaying some info and the song so I was hoping Heidy Purga and Mihkel Raud, radio station hosts at that time would be impressed. For year 2006 that was pretty cool 🙂

This is how the website looked like exactly: https://tompai.pro/varia/aruhm-emmpee3/ 

But they weren’t impressed apparently, as I didn’t win.


The original song from A-Rühm

The song message is about the struggle of music artists in Estonia in the days of piracy and mp3 sharing peer-to-peer networks like Kazaa, Limewire etc were back in the days. The message is – we made a good song, everyone knows about it and listens to it every day, but rarely anyone purchases it and the concerts are visited mostly by friends who are let in for free.

A-Rühm – Emmpee3


Luckily since those times things have gone better for the artists. With services like iTunes or Spotify or Amazon Music legitimate music distribution from author to listener’s ears is much more common (and people are willing to pay for what they are hearing, be it a single time purchase or a subscription to streaming service).

Post Author: Tom Pai