Solved: Image upload buttons missing in Magento 1.9 page editor

magento 1 9 upload buttons

A customer called me today with an interesting issue. Their Magento store was normally having buttons to upload images to their page, but today these image upload buttons were missing. There was only the blue line where the images were supposed to be, but no buttons. 

When right clicking the area where the buttons should be and selecting “View source” I discovered an interesting message – your browser requires an updated version of Adobe Flash. 

I never realized Magento needs Adobe Flash to run any part of it until now. So, to solve the issue (in Google Chrome) Flash needed to be enabled on the site. 

How to solve image upload buttons missing in Magento (in Google Chrome)? 

Just enable Flash on the domain of your Magento shop. 

1. Go to Chrome settings.

2. Scroll down to Advanced settings

3. Under Privacy click Content settings

4. Scroll down for Flash

5. Click Exceptions and add your Magento store url to the exceptions list. If running your store over https, be sure to include https in the url (

6. Save settings and refresh your store admin page and see if your Upload and Browse buttons are back and running (they should be). 


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Post Author: Tom Pai