MacBook Buying Guide for Interested People

MacBooks have transformed considerably with the advent of the M1 chip designed by Apple Inc. The M1 chip runs on ARM architecture while giving the manufacturer better control over software and hardware. Apple MacBooks have become more powerful and energy-efficient, which means improved performance and better battery life. 

If you are planning to buy a MacBook, you have more options than before, as you can either purchase an Apple-designed M1 integrated system or an Intel-powered device. 

Manufactured with 100% recyclable material, MacBooks are Apple’s thinnest and the top-selling product after the iPhone. 

Which Model Is Better?

MacBooks have become quite popular among students and professionals due to their sleek design and great functionality. Two Mac options include Air and Pro. 

The MacBook Air is the lightest, thinnest, and a great choice for newbies, ideal for students and bloggers who usually travel a lot. As for the MacBook Pro, it is the best purchase for high-end users such as developers or graphic designers

Both the models have different designs, colors, and appearances, along with internal functionality differences. For a modest use with less resource-consuming tasks, go for the Air model. In case you are a professional who needs to run intensive tasks, you should opt for the Pro model. 

Screen Size

If you have made up your mind about MacBook Pro, you have the choice to select from a 16-inch model or a 13-inch version. If you go for a 16-inch MacBook Pro device, you will get better audio quality, a reliable GPU, a new and improved cooling system, and more apart from the larger screen size. 

But wait, the 13-inch variant has its own unique set of features, the best one being the M1 processor, which improves the device’s speed. You get the processor, memory, and graphics into one single chip. 

Battery Life

Longevity and portability are fundamental to a laptop, and it’s worth mentioning that both variants of the MacBook last for longer. With the Apple-designed M1 chip, MacBook Pro can last for nearly 13 hours and MacBook Air for more than 10 hours. 

The large battery of the Pro 16-inch model enables it to survive for almost 12 hours; however, the spinning fan will make it quite uncomfortable due to the louder sounds that the device emits. On the other hand, MacBook Air is fanless, so it does all its jobs silently. The lighter weight of the MacBook Air makes it a completely portable device. 

Internal Specifications

When buying a MacBook, you can customize a few internal specifications, but you cannot just modify anything once you make the purchase. On the storage front, MacBook Air offers you a vast choice starting from 256 GB to 2TB. Your MacBook might only have one disk, which will store entire data, including the operating system and programs. A good advice is to make sure that the drive must never go beyond 85%, else you will get the startup disk error.  

Depending upon the version, you get the choice to purchase MacBook Pro with 256 GB storage which goes to 4 GB in higher variants. If your budget allows, you can select to buy a 16-inch MacBook Pro with storage starting from 512 GB that goes up to a whopping 8 TB. As far as the RAM is concerned, opt for at least 16 GB if your work involves handling video production or image editing tasks.

What Else You Need to Know

Apart from the screen size, battery life, specifications, etc., there’s more to know about the MacBooks. You must have heard about the Touch Bar, which is the touch-optimized control ship providing shortcuts for keyboard and apps. You will find this Touch Bar in MacBook Pro; however, this touch-sensitive control ship is missing in MacBook Air models.

MacBook Pro 16 inch laptops incorporate some of the best MacBooks sound systems. So, if you are a music lover, you will enjoy listening to your favorite track while working on the Pro. MacBook Air and the 13 inch MacBook Pro come with similar speaker setups. 

While buying a laptop, Mac, or Windows, you must consider the number of ports that you would require for connecting peripherals and other necessary gadgets. Having too few ports will need you to buy a couple of external accessories, connectors, and dongles.

However, the choice you made greatly depends upon the chip you choose – Intel or M1. If you are planning to buy Intel-based MacBooks such as 16 inch MacBook Pro and several models of 13 inch MacBook Pro, you will get as many as four ports based on the Thunderbolt 3 technology. 

All M1 MacBooks that include MacBook Pro (13-inch) and MacBook Air (both 13 inch and 16 inch) come with two Thunderbolt 3 ports that run at up to 40 Gigabytes per second. MacBooks come with Retina displays, and nothing can beat the cutting-edge graphics and high pixel density that the screen offers. 

The keyboard of your MacBook, whether it’s Air or Pro, is highly responsive and gives you a smooth typing experience. MacBooks give you great performance and productivity; however, unlike other laptops, you need to optimize your device at regular intervals to ensure optimal functionality in the long run.

Post Author: Tom Pai