Solved: Admin login nothing happens

Once a customer’s Joomla site got hacked. I did the recovery procedures but for some reason after the needed repairs it wasn’t possible to log in to backend nor frontend of the site. Trying to log in to Joomla admin area just refreshed the page but nothing happened. The user/password fields were just empty now. Here’s what it took for me to get logging in to Joomla working again:

An excellent solution by Gavin Curtis: 


·         Go into phpmyadmin

·         Go to the table jos_plugins

·         Scroll down to User – Joomla!

·         Click on the Edit icon

·         Change published from 0 to 1


·         If the above solution is already set to “1”, then try;

·         Changing “autoregister” entry (in the params box at the bottom) from 1 to 0


·         If both solutions above still do not work, then try;

·         modifying ‘User- Joomla!’ back to access = 0 & autoregister=1


·         If the “User – Joomla!” record simply does NOT exist, it could have been uninstalled on plugin cleanup

·         Check folder /plugins/user and ensure you have the files “Joomla.php” and “Joomla.xml”

·         If these files are NOT present, then;

1.       Re-upload them from your install files

2.       Go to phpmyadmin and insert the missing record back into jos_plugins, here is what another user entered which worked;

§  id: 5

§  name: User – Joomla!

§  element: joomla

§  folder: user

§  access: 0

§  ordering: 0

§  published: 1

§  iscore: 0

§  client_id: 0

§  checked_out: 0

§  checked_out_time: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

§  params: autoregister=1 


·         If phpmyadmin seems in order according the solutions 1,2,3 &4 then it’s time to check your configuration.php file. A few things to try;

·         Make sure your client hasn’t set “$lifetime” to a ridiculous value. If it is, then set it back to 15

·         If $session_handler = ”; change it to $session_handler = ‘database’;


·         Last thing (You may even want to try this first, up to you)

·         Go to PHPMyAdmin

·         Change the password in PHPMyAdmin to “password” by entering 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99

·         Try login again with the new password as above. (password)

Source: SAJUG

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