Iframe & YouTube video in Joomla JCE Editor

When using JCE Editor (let’s admit, we all do), you will find yourself in trouble sometimes, as JCE will be cleaning up your HTML code and clear iframe code, even if you have followed the steps in how to allow YouTube videos in Joomla articles which describes, how to configure Joomla to allow code inserted in articles.

To set up JCE Editor to allow iframes, go like this at first:

  1. Go to Components -> JCE Administration – > Global configurationin in your Joomla administration panel.
  2. Change Cleanup HTML to No
  3. Save settings

The second step to take to disable JCE deleting iframe code:

  1. Go to Components -> JCE Administration – > Editor profiles
  2. Select your profile (usually Default)
  3. Move to Plugin Parameters -> Media support
  4. Change Allow iFrames to Yes
  5. Save settings and enjoy adding iFrames and YouTube videos straight in JCE Editor HTML view.

An image to display JCE Editor settings at Components -> JCE Administration – > Editor profiles -> Default -> Plugin Parameters -> Media support

Joomla JCE editor settings to allow iframe and youtube video embedding in html


Here is a video added with JCE and with iframes from YouTube:

Post Author: Tom Pai