Edit admin-created user notification e-mail in Joomla

Recently I set up a website where user registration was prohibited and all users were created by site admin only. Therefore we needed to edit the e-mails that are sent to our newly created Joomla site users to their inboxes. Here’s how to edit the admin created user notification e-mail sent to user, this has to be done in a language file.

  1. Open \administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.com_users.ini
  3. Edit the text after the = mark and save. 

If you use a language other than English, just edit the NEW_USER_MESSAGE part in your-own-language.com_users.ini to change the registration e-mail in that language.

Users will receive their user creation e-mail notification in that language that you specify as their language when you create them. If you don’t specify, they will receive the notification in the site’s default language.

Tip: to edit the title of the user registration e-mail, edit the line NEW_USER_MESSAGE_SUBJECT in the same language file.

Tip 2: To set the e-mail address from which your user registration e-mails are sent, go to Site -> Global configuration -> Server and on the right side in the Mail from textbox set your sending e-mail address and senders name.

Post Author: Tom Pai