Design / edit / modify log in view in Joomla

When a user enters their credentials wrong in Joomla login module, they are redirected to index.php?option=com_user&view=login. Modify how the login view looks. This you can do in the file \components\com_user\views\login\tmpl\default.php

Find the code that generates the log in fields:

{code}<?php echo $this->loadTemplate($this->type); ?>{/code}

Create a div around it so you can apply additional styles to the login fields:

{code}<div class=”login_form gray_bg_box”>
<?php echo $this->loadTemplate($this->type); ?>

Add the CSS classes to your template’s CSS and youre good to go:

{code class=”brush: css;”}

.login_form  input {
height: 25px;
width: 250px;
border: 3px solid #333;
background: #FAFFBD;
.gray_bg_box {
background: #333;
padding: 20px;


Post Author: Tom Pai