Adding Livefyre comments to Joomla

Livefyre setup on Joomla - still beta

I found Livefyre comments through TechCrunch. So I was wondering how would it look on Joomla? Looks quite nice and installation is easy. 

Livefyre offers their own solution for Joomla, which can be downloaded here, I went the other way and used RokComments to include Livefyre comments to Joomla. Waiting until Livefyre gets their Joomla plugin out of Beta! status.


So how did I get Livefyre comments working on Joomla? 

1. Download and install RokComments plugin
2. Go to and sign up with your account. You must enter your page url during registration. 
3. Right in step2 of the registration you will get a Site ID from Livefyre, copy this.
4. In Joomla, go to Extensions -> Plug-in Manager -> Content – RokComments
5. In Basic System select Livefyre from dropdown
6. Scroll down and paste your Livefyre Site ID that you copied in step 3.
7. In section Menus & Categories selection select all the menus and categories you would like RokComments to display Livefyre commenting system.
8. Save, refresh, Livefyre appears under your desired pages.   


PS! Make sure you have Search Engine Friendly URLs enabled in Site -> Global configuration, this is needed for Livefyre to work. 

Post Author: Tom Pai