Solved: Samsung EcoBubble washing machine touch buttons not working

The following is to describe how to try and solve a Samsung EcoBubble washing machine touch buttons not working problem. To be tried at own risk AND if when one is sure what they are doing. Transporting the washing machine to the service is a troublesome task so one may want to try the following scenario before doing that.

The story

Samsung EcoBubble washing machine LED display with metal touch buttons
Samsung EcoBubble washing machine LED display with metal touch buttons

We own a Samsung EcoBubble 7.0 kg washing machine with a LED display that has metal touch sensitive buttons beneath it and we are happy with it in general.

It only seems to be having a known error, because it has happened twice for us now – the touch buttons are not working so you are not able to adjust the settings for the program you select with the central round control – temperature, spin speed, rinse cycles etc.

This could be a problem for other Samsung washing machines too, because Samsung’s washing machines in general seem to be having the same kind of display solution – a LED display with adjacent metal buttons.

The solution

It is fairly easy to get access to the LED display to try and see if this fix applies.

To do this find your screwdriver. Just in case, I suggest youy make photos with your phone as you progress.

  1. Unplug the machine from the mains (disconnect power chord)
  2. At the back side of the machine there are 2 screws holding the top cover in place, open those
  3. Now push the top cover back and remove it to open the top
  4. Remove the detergent container
  5. Now remove screws that are holding the front panel in place
  6. Now remove and disassemble the front panel and open the LED display compartment. Be careful, some cables may need to be unplugged from their sockets. Take notes/photos and remember where to put them back later.
  7. Now check if the green circuit board that is attached to the metal buttons has COME LOOSE from the front panel. On our machine it had been attached to the front panel using adhesive only which over time and with vibration wasn’t enough to keep it there. I was really surprised that no screws were holding the touch circuit board in place.If it has come loose you can just press it tightly back to its right position (the glue was still sticking in our case) and this should solve the problem.
  8. Since for us it was the second time the circuit board had come loose, I took a more concrete approach and added some hot glue to keep the panel in place and stand against the friction of the machine better (hopefully forever).

This is how the buttons started working on our Samsung EcoBubble washing machine again.

Hope this helps.

I can not stress this enough – try this solution only if you have experience and/or training with electronics. I feel confident doing this and this is what solved the problem for me. If you are having second thoughts, please turn to a professional electrician or home appliances technician.


Post Author: Tom Pai