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After more than 7 years (21st of March 2012 – 6th of July 2019) of running Cover Toplist we closed the service on 6th of July 2019. In this summary article I do not add links to the website’s url, as it has already expired and been captured by domain hunters. Anyone interested can check out Wayback Machine’s most recent actual copy of it.

What was Cover Toplist?

The idea of Cover Toplist was to match a huge cover versions niche to enable cover artists to add their singing and instrument playing videos into a competition to gain fame, viewers, respect and get noticed by talent hunters. Users would then rate their performance via single views and also rate performances via 1vs1 views. This all would end up in a score for the song that would then be placed in the toplist – the higher the score, the higher the position.

Cover Toplist 1 vs 1 - choose the better singer
Cover Toplist 1 vs 1 – choose the better singer

The website featured Facebook login, e-mail login, user profile setup including links to users other profiles, user to user messaging, genre based toplists based on user rating and an admin interface for the admins to manage content added by users.

All of the webapp was made from scratch by me (Tom Pai) and a developer wishing to remain undisclosed.

How did it go for Cover Toplist?

During these 7 years we were really honored to host amazing cover songs and to enjoy creativity and talent at it’s best from all over the World. The small amount of users that joined the site really showed us that there is much power in singing and instrument playing and in music in general.

Cover Toplist eventually had 2946 registered users from 126 countries and 3027 added cover songs.

Monthly page views of Cover Toplist website
Monthly page views of Cover Toplist website

Why did we close the site and service?

The reasons for closing down include website code needing major refactoring, growing pressure to be legally compliant with new norms regulating online environments around the World and that the site was operating non profitable all the 7 years.

We did let it live it’s own life for a while to see if user generated content would start happening. Some of it became true, and it was very fun to watch and follow.

Unfortunately it never reached a critical mass of users to pay back the work we put in to developing the platform, nor the hosting costs nor any profit whatsoever. All in all it can be labeled a hobby side project that we gained valuable lessons with.

Cover Toplist former Facebook page profile image
Cover Toplist former Facebook page profile image

Where to send questions?

Should you have any enquiries about Cover Toplist please contact [email protected] or use this website’s contact form to reach out.

Ps. The most viewed video was…

Post Author: Tom Pai