Solved: Margins Do Not Fit Page Size in Excel


margins do not fit page size excel

Had an interesting error the other day. Excel reported that Margins do not fit page size when printing or saving as PDF. After the attempt to save or print, the message appeared about margins and then all the workbook was checked with dashed stripes and the normal A4 page now contained some 30-40 squares of small pages. 


The reason? 

I had recently installed a label printer which had set itsself as the default printer. Obviously labels are small and the label printer cannot print an A4 page. Hence the error. For the record the label printer I installed was a Brother QL-500, which is cheap and prints like a charm.


The solution to “Margins do not fit page size” error?

My error “Margins do not fit page size” went away when I:

1. Closed Excel

2. Went to Control Panel -> Devices and printers and set a normal printer that can print A4 as the default printer. 

3. Opened Excel and printed A4 and PDF with no problems. 



PS. Microsoft has a robust solution here, didn’t help me, bit you may find it useful if my solution won’t take your margins issue away. 

See the Workaround section here:

Post Author: Tom Pai