Check Office (Excel, Word) Add-ins in Registry when Office doesn’t start

Just spent 2 hours of my life on trying to figure out why Excel and Word wouldn’t start up, not even in safe mode (run -> Excel /safe). All the time I got a message saying that Office didn’t shut down correctly, do you want to start it in safe mode. Then a crash followed, no startup.

But I did it, went to the registry to find out why Microsoft Office 2016 / 365 wouldn’t start even in safe mode and found out there are add-ins that prevented it from starting. In my case the add-in was Samsung Easy Document Creator that loaded with both Excel and Word.

So for Word expand this folder


For Excel expand


Click on the icon and you will see the addins in their own folders.



If you are lucky enough that you can actually start your office in safe mode (excel /safe or word /safe) then see how to disable add-ons as described on Microsoft’s website.

Cheers for stepping by.

Post Author: Tom Pai