Solved: Excel DATEDIF problems with the formula, sure it’s a formula?

You need to calculate a difference between two dates in excel. Guess what, Microsoft has a tutorial on how to calculate difference between dates in Excel.

Woohoo! That’s gonna be easy you think. But wait. When following the instructions, Excel says, the DATEDIF function that you are trying to add, isn’t a function. Are you sure you are trying to insert a formula? The formula contains an error. 

Even if you did everything the right way as proposed in the Microsoft instrutables. No difference between dates calculation today.

How to actually use DATEDIF function? 


That’s it. Took me a couple of seconds to figure that one out, but I’m sure some people out there are pulling their hair out.


So, the correct use of DATEDIF function to find difference in days between dates:


Ps. Make sure the cells that contain your dates are formatted to Date.


When inserting the function, first parameter is the smaller date (from) and second parameter is the bigger (to) date.

datedif correct use

The result of the calculation between dates in Excel:

datedif function result working


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Post Author: Tom Pai