Watch out: Amazon Token crypto ad analyze – looks like a scam

Scrolling on Facebook and voila – all of a sudden a nice ad pops up saying Amazon is about to launch it’s very own token and I have the chance to participate in its presale. On the ad Jeff Bezos, founder, executive chairman, former CEO of Amazon, is portrayed smiling.

Amazon token ad screenshot from Facebook
Amazon token ad screenshot from Facebook feed

Sure looks legit.

But let’s dig further.

See the CNBC News profile the news is coming from. It says in its description it is providing millions of households daily news but what is lacking are followers. The page only has 44 likes.

amazon token ad on facebook from page cnbc news
CNBC News page set up on Facebook with only 44 likes

That definitely is a warning sign that this might not be an actual Facebook page of the news company CNBC News.

So where is the link in the ad directing us?

It will send us to a page on a domain Who owns the domain and when was it registered?

Looks like it’s registered just a few days ago on 1.11.2021 and with registrar Porkbun. Surely the date of registration of the domain just a few days ago is a red flag.

amazon token advertising url whois information

How does the site look like where the ad is sending us?

amazon token homepage at
Frontpage of

Immediate check of the website’s source indicates that the site is built with website creator. This is a red flag as it is unlikely that Amazon would base it’s coin service site on an external web builder service.

amazon token website source code built with wix
Source code of website on showing it’s made on website builder

What happens when you try to register?

When you click Sign up on that webpage you are redirected to a new site that is on a new domain name address

amazon token signup page
A site that is inviting to sign in to Amazon Token

The domain is also registered at Porkbun and the same way it is a private registration – contacts are hidden. To get contact to the domain owner a form must be filled

What’s more interesting is that on this site there are links to Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition (yes, without s in the end, just condition), but the lead to empty pages. This is also a very red flag.

amazon token signup page
Amazon token privacy policy page is empty
Amazon Token privacy policy page is empty
Amazon token terms and conditions
Amazon Token terms and condition (without s in the end) page is empty

Conclusion: This looks to be a scam based on the above analyze.

Post Author: Tom Pai