Tip: Turn off Windows 10 game tiles like Candy Crush Soda

windows 10 start menu candy crush

My every Windows 10 computer has come with a bloated start menu. I have always some apps I don’t need in it.

– Candy Crush Saga

– Solitaire

– Twitter

– Weather etc

I do not want these extra live tiles. I’m trying to run a small Windows 10 Pc as a file server and not a single extra feature is needed.


How to turn off the extra Windows 10 features, like Candy Crush Saga (that keep on coming back even after you uninstall them)?

1. Right click on desktop, create a new Text file

2. Open this file with Notepad

3. Paste this code in it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


win 10 remove candy crush saga

4. Save As -> “removeoptionals.reg”
NB! Important, in the Save As dialog put the name in brackets like above, so it will be saved with .reg extension, not txt.

remove optional components windows candy crush

5. Now you have a reg file on the desktop. Double click it and agree with all the cautious questions your PC asks.

remove windows 10 optional features

Restart the PC and you’re done!


What the above script does is it adds a line to the registry you otherwise would need global policy editing skills to add. This is especially useful when you are running a Home version of Windows and there is no global policy editor available.

Enjoy the Candy Crush Saga free start menu!



Post Author: Tom Pai