Solved: Windows Live Mail offline, can’t send receive

Helped out a client stuck on Windows Live Mail giving error when hitting Send/Receive. The error was saying that SMTP server cannot be found. Well, I pinged the SMTP server and it was well enough available when pinging. Disabled/enabled antivirus, no use from that. A little help from my friend Google got me the answer:

How to solve Windows Live Mail always stuck on offline mode:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. When it asks wheter you would like to make it your default browser, click YES (normally you never click YES here because you use Firefox or Chrome)
3. Check that you don’t have Internet Explorer running Offline, if you do, deselect Work Offline to go online
4. Close & open Windows Live Mail again – voila!, all the mail is rushing in.

Amazing what can cause problems, but this is how I solved the problem. 

Microsoft’s site is where I got the hint for possible solution. 

Hope this saves you!

Post Author: Tom Pai