Solved: “WiFi” doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

You can run into issues of your Windows 10 not getting an IP address and giving you an error of

“WiFi” doesn’t have a valid IP configuration



The most probable reason for your computers IP settings to be out of the ordinary is that your computer is not getting an IP address from the router OR it even doesn’t know how to ask for it.

So, please don’t use any of the suggestions you find on the internet that are telling you to set yourself a static IP address. That is a very temporary fix and you will have other issues again when switching networks.


Here’s how to solve “WiFi” doesn’t have a valid IP configuration or if your ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration.

1. Restart your router / access point.

Yes, this can be the first reason that your internet connection device just isn’t able to properly hand out ip addresses and you end up with an IP address of


2. See if your DHCP Client service is running properly on your computer

Type services.msc in the searchbox and launch the services app.

Scroll down to DHCP Client, click it once and then click on Restart the service to restart the service.



Don’t worry about getting an extra message saying that a lot of other services also will be restarted (this is actually a good thing). Click Yes to restart them all.



After this, if you have ever logged on to your Wifi network before, you should be automatically connected to your wireless network.

Let me know in the comments, if it didn’t work for you … or if it did 🙂

Post Author: Tom Pai