Solved: GIMP slow and sluggish on MacOS Big Sur

My MacBook Pro seems never stop updating and it’s mostly a good thing. The other day it announced a need for a big update so MacOS Big Sur got installed. Sadly, after the update my graphic editor GIMP v2.10.14 became unusable.

GIMP turned really slow. It was impossible to work with it. Selecting, dragging, using paintbrush etc were all really sluggish. You just couldn’t work with it any more.

Also interestingly making a selection did not show the marching ants any more. What a pity and I almost deleted the program.

The black rectangle is selected, but no marching ants around it…

I must not be the only one I thought

At first I thought I need a new computer 🙂 But then I googled a bit. Looks like it was a common issue with GIMP and the latest version of MacOS with plenty of complainers:

How to solve slow GIMP issue on MacOS Bug Sur?

Just download the latest version of GIMP. A fix has been published and I can confirm it works as an improvement to the performance issue. Everything that needs to be done with a mouse is back to normal after installing this version:

The comment in GIMP downloads page shows that this release fixes the performance issues on MacOS Big Sur

The marching ants are still missing though

Hoping to see the ants around a selection return in the coming releases.

Post Author: Tom Pai