Gravityscan – the free WordPress security monitor – is closing down

Today sad news popped in my inbox and to support the news the “site security by gravityscan” badge has disappeared from the bottom of the site. They are saying in their e-mail (see below) that they didn’t reach the required mass of users. Maybe there is a bigger problem there – a lot of WordPress […]


Solved: Contact Form 7 autoresponder From name is WordPress

Contact Form 7 comes in handy as a really simple but functional contact form plugin for WordPress. There may be an issue for some users that want to activate the autoreply or autoresponder e-mail that will be sent to the customer as a notification about receiving the sent query through the mail form, but the […]

Internal Server Error 500 accessing WordPress admin - HostGator hosting

Solved: WordPress Admin Internal Server Error 500 after Update to 4.8

When I hit update on my WordPress 4.7.4 to update to 4.8 it almost instantly returned me an error 500 – Internal Server Error when trying to access WordPress admin area (wp-admin). This led me to a troubleshooting procedure and a lot of Googling (that didn’t help). How did I solve it? Internal Server Error […]

Divi: translate “read more” in Blog module

I needed to translate the Read more text in Divi theme blog module. It didn’t translate automatically, so WordPress translations aren’t at fault and needed to see into Divi translations. I was using Polylang as the best free WordPress translation plugin. How to translate read more in blog module (and other Divi texts, like Submit […]

WordPress logo4

Solved: disable WordPress updates notifications

WordPress admins can get annoyed or distracted if they have plugins (usually every WordPress site done for a client has at least 5 plugins) and all the plugins time to time start notifying that they need to be updated.  This can lead to situations where untested plugins or WordPress core will be updated by the […]

Solved: Can’t change WordPress site title, won’t save

Had an interesting issue on a client WordPress site today. When trying to change the site title from Settings -> General after hitting the Save button the title changed back to what it was, didn’t save my newly inserted title. So looking around and investigating this oddity, finally I concluded that WPML was guilty. It […]

Solved: Un-require WooCommerce order submission fields

You need to make the entry of some fields in WooCommerce registration non-required or optional. Maybe you even want to hide some fields from displaying at all to make things clearer and simplier. I know I did, I didn’t need all the fields available so I hid them. What happened when I tried to submit […]