Warning undefined constant missing mysql extension

Solved: WordPress error (missing MySQL extension, undefined constant) after HostGator PHP upgrade to 7.4

PHP version needs to be updated everywhere. Constantly. It’s a never ending process. When I did it in my WordPress site at HostGator cPanel, I got an error about a missing MySQL extension. Here’s how I solved it. I did a major shift from PHP 5.6 to 7.4. And immediately my site broke and throw […]

Kriesi Enfold Theme preview image in WordPress

Solved: Enfold theme WooCommerce store message overlapping menu and logo

Using Enfold theme one may stumble upon an issue with the store message of WooCommerce overlapping menu and logo partially. Annoying and could have been avoided if the theme were designed more properly. When looking at how the store message is propagated to the top of the page, you will discover its code actually is […]

scl_string_tables over a million rows

Solved: wp_icl_string_pages huge table in database, hundreds of MB, WPML to blame

I discovered a huge table in a customer WordPress when performing a backup with Duplicator before starting to update the site and plugins. Database was huge and boasted a hundred-thousand-row table named prefix_+ icl_string_pages. What the heck and phuck? So but it seems that it was not a new topic. Many have already faced this […]

Wampserver icon in tray in Windows

Solved: POST content-length (of bytes) exceeds the limit (of bytes) in Unknown – the link you followed has expired on WAMP

When running your WordPress on WAMP you might stumble upon on a PHP Warning: POST Content-Length of [some number] of bytes exceeds the limit of [some number] bytes in Unknown on line 0 when uploading media, installing plugins or themes to your locally installed WordPress. Of course it might seem like something terrible has happened […]

Wampserver icon in tray in Windows

Solved: WordPress on WAMP “The link you followed has expired” when installing a plugin by uploading a .zip

When you have chosen to run your WordPress installation let’s say for development purposes locally in your PC on WAMPserver (that is Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) you might run into issues when trying to upload bigger media or install plugins using the .zip file upload method. I personally tried to install Divi theme and Divi […]

CSS fix to mobile menu

Solved: Divi Mobile Menu Extends over screen, can’t scroll, some menu items not visible

You may discover that using Divi theme menu module and having long enough menu with nested menu items the menu might upon opening extend deeper down on screen than there is room on screen and hence it will not be fully visible on mobile screens. In addition the long menu is not scrollable, leaving further […]

Divi Theme settings - disable translations

Solved: Can’t change site language, save not working in WordPress General settings

I ran into a strange issue today where I needed to change a site language in WordPress General Settings, but selected language just would not save. I went to General, then select desired language under Site Language and hit Save Changes. A message appears at the top of the page “Settings saved.” But what happened […]

Solved: wp-admin page giving “Internal Server Error 500”

I once got this problem that when updating my WordPress (it was using IsleMag theme) after the update accessing adming via wp-admin would not work anymore. Instead it gave error 500 – Internal Server Error. Normally I suspect any internal server errors are caused by .htaccess. This time renaming the .htaccess didn’t help. So time […]