Solved: Admin Menu not working in 1.5 after update

So I had a client site that was running 1.5.22 and got hacked (mailer.php spam hack) and needed to be updated.  After determining the version of Joomla 1.5 I downloaded the latest update files for 1.5.26 and copied them over the Joomla installation. After that the admin menu stopped working in the backend.  I tried many […]

Simple: Find out Joomla 1.5 version on your site

Need to find out which version of Joomla 1.5 is being used on your site (1.5.26 being the latest).  Here is how to find out your Joomla 1.5 version: 1. Connect to your Joomla installation via FTP (or just go to your installation folder)2. Open libraries\joomla\version.php3. On row 29 find variable DEV_LEVEL which is showing […]

Adding Livefyre comments to Joomla

I found Livefyre comments through TechCrunch. So I was wondering how would it look on Joomla? Looks quite nice and installation is easy.  Livefyre offers their own solution for Joomla, which can be downloaded here, I went the other way and used RokComments to include Livefyre comments to Joomla. Waiting until Livefyre gets their Joomla […]

Insert a PayPal button to SocButtons

On my quest to keep my site self-sustaining I needed a PayPal donate button on my social share buttons list, which in my case was the SocButtons plugin.   Here’s how I added a PayPal donate button to SocButtons (horizontal row layout): 1. Open button generation page from PayPal button2. Click on “Customize text or appearance”3. […]

Solved: SocButtons inserts backlink to the developer

SocButtons is a cool social share extension for Joomla articles. It can display all the main buttons for article sharing, including Twitter tweet, Facebook like, LinkedIn share, VKontakte share and more.  On the Joomla Extensions site there is a editor’s note on SocButtons’ page that the plugin inserts a backlink to the developer’s site ( […]

Solved: Blacklist IP won’t save in JComments 2.3.0

Had an interesting issue when trying to add a spammer’s IP to blacklist in JComments to disable comments from that IP. Upon saving the added IP nothing happened, the page just blinks but no IP gets added to the blacklist. The solution could be found on JoomlaTune’s forum and goes like this: 1. Open administrator/components/com_jcomments/admin.jcomments.blacklist.php2.  On […]

Solved: Admin login nothing happens

Once a customer’s Joomla site got hacked. I did the recovery procedures but for some reason after the needed repairs it wasn’t possible to log in to backend nor frontend of the site. Trying to log in to Joomla admin area just refreshed the page but nothing happened. The user/password fields were just empty now. […]

Avast blocking clickjack trojan

Solved: Autson Slideshow clickjack issue

A client notified me that their Avast AntiVirus was blocking their own site because of clickjack attempts, more specifically JS:Clickjack-A [Trj] with a big shiny red TROJAN HORSE BLOCKED alert. After looking for the problem in their Joomla installation and template files I started turning third party modules on and off while remote desktopping on […]

Solved: Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay()

When, for example, trying to add a new article, one may get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::onDisplay() A simple hack can help you get rid of this error.  1. Open \libraries\joomla\html\editor.php2. Look for this line (line 295 on Joomla 1.7 & 2.5):   if($temp= $plugin->onDisplay($editor, $this->asset, $this->author)) 3. Replace that line with   if(method_exists($plugin,’onDisplay’) […]

Create a Joomla website in 1 hour

This video will show you how to create a Joomla website with cool modules like slideshow in 1 hour.  Creating this article in response to one visitor, who said she couldn’t get JCE editor’s frontend version to work with iframes. So, here’s the video created by iLoveWebDev on YouTube: