margins do not fit page size excel

Solved: Margins Do Not Fit Page Size in Excel

  Had an interesting error the other day. Excel reported that Margins do not fit page size when printing or saving as PDF. After the attempt to save or print, the message appeared about margins and then all the workbook was checked with dashed stripes and the normal A4 page now contained some 30-40 squares […]

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Solved: Open Excel files in separate windows

This is a big nuisance with Microsoft Excel desktop version. I use Windows 7 and need to work with 3 separate Excel files simultaneously so I have them all open on my 2 screens. Excel by default opens them up ALL IN THE SAME WINDOW (wanna swear now, but keep reading).  To open Excel files […]

Excel random date

Should you need to get random dates in Excel, here’s how to do it: Format the cells you are going to put the random dates in as “date”. To pick a random date, use the formulas RANDBETWEEN() or RAND() with specific parameters. The best way to generate dates is by subtracting random values from TODAY() […]