Solved: Disable Adobe Reader Sidebar (Tools pane)

Annoying sidebar (tools pane as Adobe names it) has been around for a while now. Let’s put an end to it. It’s slow, makes opening documents sluggish and really really really just is a distraction when working with PDF files. I never used any of the features on the tools pane and once I tried, […]


Tip: Activate Telnet client included in Windows 10

So whenever you need to use Telnet as the tool for lets say commanding your router, then you will need a telnet client. One of these is the famous Putty. But hey, why to use Putty, if there is an included Telnet client inside Windows!   How to activate Telnet client inside Windows 10 1. […]


Solved: VCRUNTIME140.dll missing – program can’t start

Installing Wampserver on Windows 10. Error: The program can’t start bevause VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. SOLUTION 1. Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 2. Rerun Wampserver installer. 3. If the icon is still yellow go from Wampserver icon go to […]


Wampserver not working after Win 10 upgrade

After upgrading to Windows 10 my wampserver stopped working and the icon on the taskbar went from green to yellow. When going in the menu Wamp icon -> Apache -> Service -> Test port 80 I received a message saying that not Apache but IIS is now using port 80. How cool is that Windows […]

Solved: Access BIOS Startup Key on Acer Laptops

Acer laptops have really no boot time diagnostic screens with any hints saying which key to press to access the BIOS from boot up menu (to let’s say change boot device priority). All you have is an Acer logo and right from it Windows boots.  To access BIOS on an Acer laptop just do this: […]

Solved: Open .ASD file with Word 2013 / 365

We have previously covered how to open an ASD file with Word 2007 and how to open a ASD file with Word 2010. Now we are looking how to open ASD files in Word 2013 / Office 365.  The same intro text… It might seem quite logical that you should be able to open a […]

ssfk service program files

SOLVED: removal

A client came to me with a problem that their browser had been hijacked and whatever option they chose from the browser settings the startpage would still be  What was tried beforehand: – reset browser settings– scan with malwarebytes, spybot and Avast Free– removed unnecessary plugins from browser Naturally I would suspect that a […]