Tip: How to find your public IP address

Whenever in need to find your IP address, you can always google for a service that returns your IP address. Or you can use one of my suggested options: 1. Visit IP-aadress (www.ipaadress.ee) to see your IP-address 2. Type ip address to Google search engine, if my site didn’t help you  


Tip: Unmap (disconnect) network drive via command line (cmd)

When you have to disconnect your network drives you first need to know which ones of them are connected. You can run into issues (especially Windows 10 users) that your network drives do not appear under your Computer window, but when you try to connect, you will get a message that they are already connected, […]

Solved: Hacking attempt! in browser, no website load

A client had an interesting issue with their web browser. More precisely, they were using Mozilla Firefox. When trying to open a certain website, the website displayed a simple text: Hacking attempt! And nothing more. The website would not load, not open nothing. Weirdly enough, the website had no html, the text was just plain […]


Tip: Make a Screenshot of UAC dialog

How to make a screenshot of UAC dialogs that remove all functionality from Windows (trying to protect you) so that even the Print Screen button doesn’t work, not to mention the Snipping Tool?   Here’s how to enable making screenshots of the UAC dialog 1. Type gpedit.msc in your search box and run it (to […]


Solved: Windows 7 Activation Not Working

When having an issue with Windows activation see, if the following solution will help you. Going through the normal Windows activation cycle in Windows 7 (System -> Activate Windows) may not work, as it did for me and when trying to install Windows 10 there was no option because it said Windows had not been […]


Tip: Add New User without Live ID on Windows 10

Microsoft has been getting pretty funny trying to get everyone in the cloud. I personally prefer to stay local, this includes my user accounts. I can connect to all the clouds I want later, but I’d keep my user account locally to have at least some sort of privacy remained.  In Windows 10 creating a […]