Get YouTube Thumbnail image in 3 clicks (in 2016)

Ever since YouTube has removed the Stop feature from its player, people need another trick to view the video thumbnail that most of the time is the call to click from the related videos list.  How to see a YouTube video’s thumbnail image in full resolution?  EASIEST: go to YouTube Thumbnail Viewer and Downloader But […]


LOL: in Google Analytics

So I ran into a very suspicious issue the other day. A strange website had appeared in my Google Analytics – Oh, hacked again! I thought and almost wanted to go and start changing my passwords.   What it appears is it actually is a Google sandbox website that has been inserted for instructional […]

E-residency in Estonia went live

This mail just popped in: Dear future e-Resident of Estonia,We are happy to announce you that we went live with e-Residency on the 1st December 2014! From now on, you can join the crowd of e-Estonians by applying for a secure digital identity provided by the Estonian government.We have updated the e-Residency website with practical details […]


VigLink: review & why I stopped using it

Have you tried VigLink to monetize your blog? In search of possible ways to earn money from my blog I once (March 2013) stumbled upon a cool service called VigLink which basically was a install-once tool that would generate monetized links in your site from your content. Neat idea.  Recently I joined another very promising affiliate program […]


Like button count doesn’t count only *likes*

Whenever you see a like button on a website having a number of likes displayed you instantly think that it has been shared that number of times. That is at least partly untrue.  The likes count on a like button consists of: The number of likes of this URL The number of shares of this […]


Find GoDaddy hosting database connection in cPanel

When setting up a new database on GoDaddy hosting you are sooner or later looking to create a database. This consists of steps.  1. Click Launch next to the Linux / cPanel Hosting account you wish to create a database in     2. Find MySql databases icon, click it     3. Create a […]

GoDaddy -35% promo code

When buying domain names or webhosting or other services from GoDaddy use a promo code to get up to 35% off from your first purchase. Not too bad, is it? My GoDaddy promo code will be sent to you in a special invitation (sorry, GoDaddy affiliate’s campaign terms won’t allow me to post the promo […]